Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Long time . . .no post

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. I'm loving getting my decorations out this year and putting up the tree. The last time I was pregnant during the Holidays was with Sophie and I was sick, and just not in the mood. We didn't even put lights on our tree, which was pretty much the only decoration. What a sad year! Not this year. I have a whole bunch of new ornaments and Brent did a FABULOUS job of putting 700 lights on our tree so that it looks great!
While I don't have the total amount of decorations I would like to have, it is enough. I've already been to 1 ornament exchange this year, and have 3 Christmas parties to go to, so things will be sufficiently busy. Not to mention the fact that I still have gifts to buy, make and send, as well as all the candy and cookies, but those are on the schedule for next week. I do have a few crafts that I have made, but no pics yet . . .maybe tomorrow. Thanksgiving was great; lots of great food and it's always good to spend time with family. Ben and Jocelyn were here for a few days before Thanksgiving and their new babies are so sweet! Heidi is holding Jacob and Vivian is hodling Zachary. My own baby is quickly approaching, I'm 35 weeks and starting to feel it. Tired and such, but for the most part, things are really great. This has been a surprisingly easy and quick pregnancy so far, which is good for me. Here are a few of my favorite pics of the girls from the last month or so . . . .

Vivian got all dressed up and even put on her own makeup (I'll try to post the video of that sometime) to watch Dancing with the Stars. We don't usually watch it, but she really likes it and thinks she has to look all fancy to watch. We even painted her nails and let her wear jewelry that night and she wanted to dance with Brent. It was SO cute, she told me "I'm dancing with my handsome daddy". I wish I had gotten that on tape!

This picture just makes me smile. Sophie is getting all of her teeth, and putting them to good use! She can really pack away the food, although we're not sure where it all goes! She's barely over 20 lbs. now, but she's getting all grown up now. Sometimes it makes me sad, but she gives hugs now, and kisses, and its super cute!This is another picture that just makes me laugh. This is Vivian's "sad face". We see this a lot. Usually when we turn off the tv, or explain that she can't have chocolate for supper. . .Sophie has discovered all of the kitchen drawers and the rotary beaters are one of her favorite things.