Monday, August 16, 2010

If Wishes were fishes . . .

CraftGossip is having a totally awesome giveaway- win an Etsy wishlist up to $100!!!!  Seriously too fun for words.  Here's my wishlist

Super cute Halloween Tags $4!!!  from CraftyChic

Set of Halloween Banners from The Spoiled Wall  $12

Peacock Fascinator from Pegasusmaiden  $16

Cute Christmas Gift Tags from Mad4Plaid  $5
Beautiful Pattern from Bernioles  $5
Awesome Laundry Soap from Shifflett Studios $8

Super Cute apron from Paisley Pockets $28
3 yd. Amy Butler Full Moon in Cherry from Brodyandma  $23.25

Thursday, August 12, 2010


The weather here in IN has been unbearable.  Really.  I'm a PROUD card-carrying Hoosier, but even I've had enough of the heat and humidity and have been whistful for the 100+ heat and skin-cracking dryness of the West.  It's been too hot to do much of anything outside;  even the girls only last about 30 min. before they've had enough, so we've been indoors a lot.  Too much!  Maybe we'll make it to the splash pad again this week.
Yes, the kids are cute.  It's kind of ridiculous ;-)
This is my Little Midgee on her 3rd Birthday!  She's growing up fast and just keeps getting cuter!
I've been making LOTS of skirts.  This is a favorite for sure.  Finally got the pattern for it in the shop, and I got a start on the shows I'm doing this fall.  Hopefully no repeats of the last two years where I spend an entire week tethered to the sewing machine.  I promise I'll be good this time!  I already have 75% of my stuff cut out and ready to sew.  That is a huge help.  Now I can just pull something out and sew it up and it's done in about 45 min. tops.  Loving it!!!
I'm getting a garage!!!  Words cannot express my joy over this one.  We've lived here almost 4 years with no garage.  I think parking in my garage will be the height of luxury.  Things were on hold for a bit when the excavator found a human-looking bone.  We had to get it examined by the Anthropology lab at the local college to see if it was human.  Turns out it is a pig femur, which can be swapped out for a human femur . . .so if ever you're in need of an extra femur, keep the Augustus' in mind!