Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where does the time go?

The other week on the way to church we were priveledged to see this in the backseat staring at us. Creepy, huh? Vivian insisted on wearing these glasses (they're NOT mine; I'm not sure where she got them), and keeping her hood up so that her hair didn't get messed up.

We cut her hair the next week, just before we left on our trip to Utah and it turned out so cute! We ended up cutting off about 8 inches. Here are some before and afters:

On the 10th we flew to Utah to visit family. We blessed Nathan while we were there and did a bunch of other fun stuff. It was great to be with family! We tried to get all of the kids in a picture after Nathan's blessing, but it didn't work. These two look great though! Tyson was so sweet! The kids had a great time playing together, and Vivian figured out what it's like not to be the biggest one in the house . . .she also developed a newfound love of tattling :(

We spent a couple of evenings at Whitley and Brent's and Viv, Nathan and I had a sleepover there. . . no pics yet. Whitley has those! We got a few things to decorate their little place and recovered her kitchen chairs. They looked great! This is the ONE picture we managed to snap of Aimee. She was so great for letting us stay at her house and making us some YUMMY food!

Brent's mom, Laraine, and Nathan. Grandma's LOVE babies!

Brent's dad John, meeting Nathan.

Ben and Jocelyn's cuties, Jake and Zach.

A fun time at the aquarium. Look twice, that's not Sophie, its her little look-a-like cousin Kaylee!

Stacey and Michael

The guys spent a few days working on Trent and Aimee's deck. Hope its done now!

During the Rock Band party, maybe a highlight of the trip. It was seriously fun! Chris did a HORRIBLE job as the lead singer and failed out. Tyson got 100% on the next round, and he doesn't read that well yet. Yikes!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love Bejeweled . . . can you tell?

Check out that top score! I obviously love bejeweled more than . . . dishes, sweeping, etc. Things haven't really slowed down at all, and I doubt they will for YEARS to come. Sophie has been sick for the last couple days. It's sad, but also she's so cuddly that I like it just a little bit. However, yesterday I spent about 30 minutes cleaning carpet. Have you ever watched a toddler come down the stairs? Well, mine scoots down on her bum, and yesterday while she was upstairs playing with Vivian she pooped in her diaper, took it off and came down the stairs. It was gross, but luckily my carpet cleaner did the job and there are no signs left behind. Nathan is growing so fast, he is already too big for most of his newborn clothes and the 0-3 month stuff is starting to fit him better. WARNING: If your babies are not good sleepers stop reading! Nathan is down for about 6 hours each night. Its really great that I'm getting back into my normal sleep habits and definitely makes the day easier when I've had a good night of sleep. We're heading out to Utah on Friday and will be there until the 16th. We're excited to see family and friends! This is Viv and Sophie's favorite thing lately . . . unload the cupboard and make a mess in my family room . . .