Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Busy Busy

Things have been busy around here. Last Friday a bunch of the women at church got together for a craft night that I organized. It was tons of fun and ALMOST went off without a hitch. Just a few 'hiccups". We made some super cute hair bows, Christmas gift tags, washer necklaces, clothespin magnets, advent calendars and a few other super cute things. I've also started getting ready for the Holly Days show in November. I promised myself that this year I would be at least 50% done by Oct. 1. I am not, which means I have to try and sneak in every possible minute of sewing time that I can. Brent has been busy working on the porch roof, which has leaked since we moved in. It is, as with everything else, a bigger project than he originally anticipated, so it is taking longer to finish, and all of this rainy weather isn't helping much. I went to visit Ben & Jocelyn in Louisville at the end of Sept. and also took a couple days to visit my cousin Adriane in Nashville. It was a fun and relaxing trip and was just Nathan and me. It was nice to spend some quality alone time with my little buddy. He was a great traveling companion, so content to ride in the car. He's getting cuter every day and he's crawling now! My "squirrely girlies" are as much fun and TROUBLE as ever, but they make me laugh. Vivian has such a vivid imagination, and Sophie is just so excited about everything.