Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Things I'm Grateful For

1. Brent
2. Vivian, Sophie, Nathan & Matthew
3. Living in Indiana
4. Good Neighbors
5. Jesus Christ
6. A van that doesn't look like junk
7. Windows that roll down on my van
8. Mtn. Dew
9. Hair to keep me warm
10. Extra pairs of shoes
11. Hugs from my kids
12. Nathan always telling me he loves me, about 10 times a day!
13. Living close to family
14. Good YW leaders growing up
15. Facebook
16. the Y childcare
17. Pinterest
18. The internet! & email
19. The job I had at MyFamily.com
20. A husband who likes to watch the same TV shows
21. Hair that is easy for me to manage
22. Being able to play the piano
23. Singing along with the radio really loud with my kids
24. My kids don't think I'm "lame" yet
25. Sisters
26. Rachel
27. Mom & Dad
28. My trip to Vietnam
29. My trip to London
30. My dad teaching me to sew
31. The opportunity to practice painting
32. Brent is handy around the house!
33. Refrigerator/Freezers
34. My wall oven!
35. Hot tubs
36. My house
37. A comfy bed
38. Patient husband
39. Growing up in a small town
40. Being able to remember useless trivia
41. Getting lost in a good book!
42. Detangler
43. Makeup
44. Being able to afford my favorite lip balm
45. Not living too close to church, so that we I can enjoy a short drive home
46. My calling at church to work with the Young Women
47. Indoor plumbing
48. Brent has a job he likes
49. Vivian has a great teacher at school this year
50. Having a lot of music to listen to
51. There is snow on the ground right now and we've been able to take the kids sledding this year.
52. Fresh produce
53. Dishwashers
54. Chocolate
55. I don't hate exercise anymore
56. I have a lot of good, dear, dependable friends
57. MP3 player
55. HTPC
56. The ability I had to go to cosmetology school
57. Discount hair products
58. Digital cameras
59. I learned how to make bread
60. Epidurals
61. Dealnews.com
62. Learning to live on a budget
63. Not being a teenager anymore
64. A fun, good marriage
65. Elastic and Lycra
66. Nice silverware
67. Jeans that are long enough
68. Not getting offended easily
69. A house with enough space
70. Fun nailpolish colors
71. Fun hair colors
72. Finding a new shampoo/conditioner that works better for me
73. My mom teaching me how to bake
74. Found an inexpensive moisturizer
75. Aldi
76. Electricity
77. Nursery at church
78. Primary leaders at church
79. Grateful children who don't ask for very much stuff
80. Automatic transmissions
81. My cell phone
82. Disposable napkins
83. Allergy medications
84. Brent's surgery recovery this past year went really well
85. Having two dentists in the family
86. Being married to a nerd
87. Learning how to knit and crochet
88. Youtube, because you can learn to do anything on there!
89. Having a church I enjoy attending
90. Being able to learn new things
91. Public libraries
92. Good insurance
93. Bargain hunter mom as a good example
94. Good health
95. Internet shopping
96. Having a car babysitter on occasion
97. Living close enough to walk to the school, park, bank, library and post office
98. Desire to travel
99. Being content
100. A printer that actually works!