Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Finally got around to doing something!

Since Nathan came along and added to the craziness, I haven't had many opportunites to make stuff and craft some of my junk, which I've missed. I have however found a new hobby that I really enjoy . . .Knitting. Did you know you can learn to knit on the internet??? I learned from watching some YouTUBE videos. Weird huh? I'm not really good yet, but I like it and I have a goal to make the kiddies cardigans for Christmas. I better get started on those now!!!

Here's a peak at some of the goodies I got at some fabulous quilt shops in Utah. Seriously, if you're in the area, drop by Broadbent's in Lehi. It had a to die for selection and the cheapest Heather Bailey fabric I've ever seen. Only $8.50/yd! I wish they sold online :(

Here's a project that I started about a month ago. It was originally a 4x4 grid, but the bottom row was too low and my sweet little kiddies just couldn't resist pulling them off the wall. So we removed the temptation. I had been struggling for almost a year to find something to put on this wall. I'm really pleased and the colors are just perfect. The kind of aqua color is the same as my accent wall.

I've also had the pleasure to work with a fabulous Etsy artist and took some pictures of the goods she makes. Colleen is a first-class lady and makes some SERIOUSLY cute stuff, check it out and make sure to check out her shop!

The hats are cute and soft, and that baby coccoon for Nathan is fabulous! Thanks Colleen!!!


Ramblings of a Crazy Mom said...

Isn't it amazing what you can learn on you tube? That's how I started crocheting after Abby was born. The pictures are so cute. You have such a gift when it comes to taking pictures!

Aim Aug said...

Very cute! So, you know, you, like, know this person who lives right near Broadbents and would be, like, totally willing to send stuff to you. Do I sound like an 11-yr-old? I've been hanging out with them all day. Really, tell me what to look for and I send it to you. :)

staceyk said...

the squear wall hangings I like alot!

Posey Cowart said...

YAY!!!!! Some one in Fort Wayne has a blog! Okay if this next baby is a girl I will HAVE to have some of those cute Flowers! To die for! Your so talented

Jenny said...

Those are adorable! Did you take those pictures? They look very professional.