Thursday, March 18, 2010

LONG Time Coming

I haven't posted in two months; what's that all about? I've been busy! Three kids keep me on my toes, plust I've actually been making things again! Most things I haven't photographed, so that will have to be done soon. I've made a quilt top, done a sweater re-fashion, and FINALLY got around to making these cute little shoes. I also made this purse for my mom's birthday. It's a really cute pattern and was easy to make. Mom picked out the fabrics and I really like how it turned out.
I made this purse for myself today. I LOVE IT! The minute I saw this fabric I knew just what to do with it. This is my own pattern and I hope to have everything finalized for a new tutorial within the week.

On the family front, the kids are loving the warm weather and spending LOTS of time playing outside. If Nathan would ever decide to walk, he could play outside as well, but for now he just crawls around. He's been crawling for nearly 7 months! Sophie has started potty training and I'm so grateful for that. Today was a really good day for her, only 1 accident and she even told me twice that she needed to go potty! She's getting to be such a big girl and really isn't my little baby anymore. She still likes to cuddle though, so that is very sweet. Vivian is learning all sorts of new things and always, always is talking. The other day she told me "A castle is a habitat for a princess". Yes, I suppose it is :)