Thursday, August 12, 2010


The weather here in IN has been unbearable.  Really.  I'm a PROUD card-carrying Hoosier, but even I've had enough of the heat and humidity and have been whistful for the 100+ heat and skin-cracking dryness of the West.  It's been too hot to do much of anything outside;  even the girls only last about 30 min. before they've had enough, so we've been indoors a lot.  Too much!  Maybe we'll make it to the splash pad again this week.
Yes, the kids are cute.  It's kind of ridiculous ;-)
This is my Little Midgee on her 3rd Birthday!  She's growing up fast and just keeps getting cuter!
I've been making LOTS of skirts.  This is a favorite for sure.  Finally got the pattern for it in the shop, and I got a start on the shows I'm doing this fall.  Hopefully no repeats of the last two years where I spend an entire week tethered to the sewing machine.  I promise I'll be good this time!  I already have 75% of my stuff cut out and ready to sew.  That is a huge help.  Now I can just pull something out and sew it up and it's done in about 45 min. tops.  Loving it!!!
I'm getting a garage!!!  Words cannot express my joy over this one.  We've lived here almost 4 years with no garage.  I think parking in my garage will be the height of luxury.  Things were on hold for a bit when the excavator found a human-looking bone.  We had to get it examined by the Anthropology lab at the local college to see if it was human.  Turns out it is a pig femur, which can be swapped out for a human femur . . .so if ever you're in need of an extra femur, keep the Augustus' in mind!


Vanssmomc said...

Careful what you wish for. We have a 4 car garage and my car never gets to be inside because my husband has all 4 bays full!! I live in Upstate New York and would love just one snowy morning to not have to unbury my car before I can go to work!! Oh well!! Love everything you make, so cute!!

Aim Aug said...

I have a garage. Someone else's cabinets are currently in it. I have only been able to use it for parking about four months out of the two years we've been here. I hope you get to use yours to actually store your car! Novel idea, eh?

The Collard Clan said...

Thank goodness it was a pig bone! How creepy would that be...Your garage could have been haunted, Then it never would have been used. :-) (I love my garage...and yes we park both cars in and store all the kiddos yard toys. Hope you get yours soon)

The Collard Clan said...

Mark this down for the only time in your life when you are glad to hear the words "Pig Femur". :-) Thats a funny story.