Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Boyfriends and Girlfriends

So, the other day I was reading someone's blog, and I wish I could remember whose it was now because it was really funny, but anyway, the thing was that she has a movie boyfriend, music boyfriend, TV boyfriend, etc. Anyway, I was telling Brent about it and I asked him who HIS "girlfriends" could be. Disturbing- I know, but really funny when we started talking about it. Here's the breakdown for Brent:

Music GF: Fergie , Brent SWEARS she's hot (Yikes, I just don't think she's very cute) or Christina Aguilera. I guess this explains why Brent never says anything about my makeup purchasing habit.

TV: Heather Locklear, on Spin City or Jennifer Garner on Alias

Movie: Catherine Zeta Jones . . .in anything

My list was MUCH more difficult to make, mostly because I don't find that many people very attractive

Music: Micheal Buble- He's just cute, plus I couldn't choose Josh Groban because I don't think he's that tall, plus, I can't compete with that hair.

TV: This is a tough one, I couldn't decide between Patrick Dempsey and Michael Vartan. I think I have to give Michael the benefit of the doubt. He's about 1 inch taller, and plus again, I wouldn't have the hair to compete with.

Movie: Hugh Jackman in Kate & Leopold

Isn't it cute that we could still be the same TV couple that we are in real life? I'm so glad to be done with the whole boyfriend thing . . .I was never any good at finding boyfriends. Plus, I totally don't ever want to have to date again. Plus, boyfriends would never do the great things that husbands do, like change baby diapers, rub your feet without expecting even a kiss, do the dishes, remodel your house! Husbands are awesome, and mine is the best, plus he's REALLY hot!

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