Monday, April 28, 2008

I love being a mom!

My girls are so much fun. Sophie just started babbling this last week, and it is so cute! I love listening to her in the car when we're out driving; and Vivian just makes me laugh! She's such a drama queen! This last week she said "Mommy, look at me", so I look at her and she starts rubbing her hands together, then she told me "Okay mommy, I'm going to put your wake-up on". (She calls makeup, wake-up . . .so cute!!!). Anyway, she proceeded to put the fake makeup on me with her little hands. She does eyemakeup, blush and lipstick! She's such a girl! And, I absolutely LOVE it when she sings "I am A Child of God". She knows all the words and sings it right before she says her prayer every night.


Lykins Zoo Keeper said...

Hi Macy,Jenny Lykins (Fetters) here. I just found the piece of paper you gave me at church on Easter with your blog address...sigh I've loved reading your blog and getting caught up on you and your family. Have a great day!!

hoppyloo said...

Hi... could you check your PMs on Swapbot please? Thanks :)