Thursday, May 15, 2008

The best Dad ever!

Okay, I LOVE this picture. The girls obviously have Daddy wrapped around their little fingers!
I've been pretty busy lately just working on things. I have my living room to get in order, and let's just say, it is not in order. So . . .I keep the door closed, waiting for an evening at home when Brent isn't busy to work on it. Vivian is wearing one of my newest projects. I made her a dress the other morning and she loved it. She wore it for two days in a row, and when I informed her this morning that she could not wear it again, she had a major meltdown, so I made her another one to wear today. Then I made another one for her to wear tomorrow. Sounds very productive of me, but I must admit, they require very little skill and time, so it is just perfect for me! I've also started another purse, but this time I did it without a pattern (admittedly, not the smartest move) so now I'm stuck about 2/3 of the way done really wondering what to do next. I'll post pictures of that. I've also been doing some more hair recently, which I always love. It's the one thing I don't have a problem saying I am really good at. The hair I do looks good, even close up. Most of the other things I make look best from about 15 feet away, so that you don't see all the "wonky" stuff!


Robin D said...

You are so creative I wish a little of it would rub off on me! You are great at hair. So do you remember the hair show you did and I was your model? How funny was that! I'm going to have to find those pictures just for a good laugh!

MiCheLLe HeidEmaN said...

you are to cute. sorry about new kids, thats a bummer! are you doing hair anymore or just workin else where?

hoppyloo said...

Sorry to do this again, but please check your swapbot messages. I also emailed you and havent heard back. Thanks