Friday, May 2, 2008

I am changed

So, Brent says what I am now is an "audiophile". I'm not even sure that's a real word. Anyway, as some of you may know, I drive a minivan. It is a total mom-mobile, but its basically great. We drive it to church and I go shopping with the girls and its fantastic. Lots of room, decent gas mileage . . . .but crappy sound. Usually this isn't something I notice much because I'm a nerd and I listen to talk radio and the sound quality of AM radio isn't much of a concern. However, today I switched cars with Brent and went shopping by myself while the girls we being watched by mom and my sister, therefore, I had no use for the mini-van . . .or so I thought. Anway, Brent's system in his car is out of control. I put in some DMB, because the weather is warm, and nothing says summer like my "Crash" cd. Anyway, it sounded great and I was loving it. Well, half-way through the day, I needed the van, so I switched cars with Brent, got in my trusty van and popped in some Collective Soul. This is me:

I was sad. All I could think about was how much better this would sound in Brent's car. These kind of thoughts would never have crossed my mind before I met Brent. He introduced me to big, awesome speakers and mind numbing sound. I'm almost considering giving up my back seat for a big speaker. It would be pretty sweet . . .though I doubt the girls would enjoy it much having their eardrums blown out . . . . Do you think Air Supply sounds good at ear popping loudness?

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MiCheLLe HeidEmaN said...

lol you are to funny! reece refuses to ever own a mini van and its so sad that the older i get the more convient they look! lol we are so lame in our mommy cars and dirty shirts and jeans the don't fit! i swear its quit the change isn't it;-) its a good thing they are so cute