Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Alright, so the New Kids on the Block concert was AWESOME! Natalie and I had so much fun. We thought we'd have no voice the next morning, but we did, so that's a good thing. The girl sitting next to Natalie got sick though and threw up at the end of the concert. It smelled nasty and got on Natty's shoe, pants, purse, etc. GROSS! Why didn't she just leave???? The girls sitting behind us were big Donny fans, so whenever he was up on the big screen or singing they would go nuts. I never liked Donny; we always thought he was kinda dirty and nasty and it turns out, things haven't changed much. Although he has stopped wearing pants so ripped up that we're all in danger of seeing stuff we don't want to, so for that, I'm grateful. We had awesome seats and when they came to sing at the piano we were like 30 or 40 feet away, which was awesome! It was the best. Thanks for going with me Nat!


Robin D said...

I'm so jealous...well except for the throw up part!
I always thought Donny was a little trashy too! I was such a Jordan girl. Glad you girls had fun.

Ben said...

It's no surprise that girl threw up. She lasted longer than I would have. In fact, just thinking about being there made me throw up a litte in my mouth.