Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 New Nephews and More Busy

Well, things have been uneventful, but busy. I finished the quilts for Ben and Jocelyn's babies, who are SOOOO cute! Not the quilts, the babies, although the quilts aren't bad either. I was even able to squeeze out some burp cloths from the extra fabric! I went to the Vera Bradley outlet sale this last week with Natalie and got the cutest umbrella, for dirt cheap. Just the way I like it. I also started work on my first craft show. It is Nov. 8, which means I honestly should have started work a long time ago. I got my first round of dresses done, which means I only have 40 more to make . . . yikes! Plus countless headbands and pins. I'll be busy busy. Also, here are a few pics from the Johnny Appleseed Festival and some other fun stuff we've been up to.

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