Friday, January 9, 2009

Long Week . . .Suprisingly Good

So, this week Brent has been on late shift, which means he doesn't get home until 8. It sucks and I hate it every 6 weeks or so that it rolls around. It is generally a horrible week where it seems like the girls are much harder than usual to control . . . especially Vivian. This week has been really good though; its a blessing too! Vivian has not had ANY meltdowns at home, she's been generally well behaved and I have not lost my patience with her at all. I definitely needed to have a good week, as I'm 9 months pregnant and taking forever to recover from being sick, and I would count this one as great! The girls have been so sweet and funny! Sophie started making a new face when she wants something, here it is:

Vivian has been really funny, as always. This morning she informed me that Christmas isn't over, its back because its snowing. Then, she has named a toy "Kella", which has started a trend. There are now dolls named, Hella and Tella, and I was informed yesterday that "Mella" was asleep. The girls are lots of fun and I'm glad that I get to be home with them!


The Braun Family said...

Hang in there! I'm glad your week is going well. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl? By the way, how did you add the slideshow gadget? I tried it once and couldn't get it to work.

MiCheLLe HeidEmaN said...

man i hate the last few weeks. i was enduce with easton and it was so nice. i couldn't handle going over a second time! gavin is such a handful as well and i have totally been strugglin with him lately. this 3 year old age is rough! good luck my dear. keep us posted on when baby number 3 arrives!

Lykins Zoo Keeper said...

Hey there girl. I was peaking at your slide show and love your digital scrapbook pages. What program do you use? Congrats on the baby!! Love ya.

Macy said...


thanks! We like the baby too, and are pretty sure we're going to keep him ;) I use Photoshop but I get most of my stuff from or Good stuff!