Friday, May 1, 2009

Grandma meets Nathan

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We went to visit my grandma last week and Nathan got to meet Grandma Staller for the first time. I wish that we could have made it there sooner, but between the trip to Utah and some of the crazy weeks following our return it just didn't happen. It was a gorgeous day and I loved being there. Grandma lives way out in the country and her house is up on a small hill, so you can see all around. It is so peaceful and quiet. I don't think I saw a single car drive by the entire time we were there. I love my Grandma so much, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

1. She loves shoes, and expressed specific regret that they don't make orthopedic shoes in red. She once told me that when she was younger that she had been eyeing a pair of red shoes and had made plans to purchase them. Her mother informed her that only a certain kind of girl wears red shoes. I remember my granmda wearing red shoes; I currently own 2 pairs and Vivian has a pair that are red AND sparkly. Must be in the genes!

2. She's really smart. Grandma is a retired English teacher and she still stays really busy reading and writing. Amazing. Also, I've seen some of the crossword puzzles that she has finished and they're mind boggling.

3. She makes the best gravy in the world. I make gravy, my mom makes gravy, and I've eaten a lot of gravy. None of it is as good as Grandma's. I've watched her make it, and I still can't figure it all out. My most recent theory is that it contains drugs, OR that she "understands" salt better than I do.

4. Grandma reminds me of dad. The older I get I see more of my dad in her, and I love my dad.

5. She thought enough of herself to find a really wonderful man to marry who must have had a high opinion of her as well. My grandpa LOVED my grandma, and even though I was still really young when he passed away I could tell.

Grandma doesn't have the internet, so I doubt she'll read it, but maybe I'll print it out and send it out . . .


Aim Aug said...

She is So sweet! Nathan is getting huge! Miss you guys.

Vanessa said...

Oh my....I can't believe how diff. Nathan looks already! Grandma's gravy def. is the best!