Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Motherhood is not for the faint-hearted. Frogs, skinned knees, and the insults of teenage girls are not meant for the wimpy.-- Danielle Steel
I don't enjoy wrapping presents, so here it is! Call me if you want me to drop it by before church . . .
Happy Mother's Day to all. I have a great mom, and here are a few things you might not know about her:

*She never stays mad. That's a good thing for a mom, because there are lots of things to get mad about.
*She sings really well. Okay, so if you know my mom, you probably know that. We give her a hard time sometimes because she sings kinda loud, but so do I :)
*She makes the best pie. Peach, rhubarb, sugar cream, pumpkin, chocolate, etc. Her crusts are soooo good. Mine are good, but hers are always better.
*I am in awe of how well organized she is.
*She's no wallflower. Seriously, I made that purse just for her and that's not a purse for a shrinking violet.
*My mom can accessorize like nobody's business.
*Some the best advice my mom has given me:
-Pull back your hair and put on some lipstick
-Don't overwork your pie crust
-Don't wear shorts unless you have REALLY good legs
-Short hair can be really feminine

I love you Mom! Have a great day.


hoosiercarlene said...

Thank you so much. The purse is beautiful. You are awesome. I wish I had some of your talents, but since I don't I just rely on you to make me all those wonderful things you do.
love you,love you, love you .

staceyk said...

Thats a cute bag! ok so I totaly shocked my mom cuz Im geting into this Etsy thing *I was like I want a sewing machine.* lol I have no clue how to sew I cheated in home ec and stoll some one elses pumpkin pillow and said it was mine lol But I got a C for it and was pretty upset that I didnt steal a better one! lol needless to say I failed home ec! Not cuz they found out I took some one elses pellow but cuz I can sew!