Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Amidst all the mountains of sewing and stuff I have to get ready for next weekend, I managed to eek out a couple of costumes . . .but none for my bubba :( He just decided to be "cute" for Halloween. No costume required! Vivian wanted to be a fairy Princess. Well, she had a crown and wings, but by the time we got pictures taken, they were long gone. She did however look very cute!
Sophie was Tinkerbell. We thought it was fitting since Viv is always saying she's a "little pixie". Sophie also had wings that were gone by this time!
On Friday Brent and I went to a party at Ryan and Vanessa's new place. It was lots of fun. We're trying to pop a balloon here using no hands. It was hilarious. As you can see, my face is green, I was a witch and Brent dessed up as Edward from Twilight. I put glittery makeup on him, but it didn't photograph very well.
These are the girlies carving their pumpkins. Brent was in charge of this and did a good job, although Sophie isn't wearing pants and her shirt is on backwards . . .

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staceyk said...

lmao! for some reason I new befor I read brent was edward! you guys looked like you had alot of fun!