Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Flurry of Fairies!

As promised, a small post on Vivian's fairy themed party.  This was her first party that wasn't just family, and she was really excited to have a "girls" party.  I thought it was so cute when I asked her who she wanted to invite that she included her friend's little sister and also put "Aunt Natalie" on the guest list!  I could have gone totally over the top, but reigned myself in and that was a good idea.  Even a "low-key" party ended up being a lot of work.  On top of doing all the party stuff, there was still a house to be cleaned and diapers to be changed!  I am proud to say, I stuck to my $25 budget and still had pennies to spare!  Anyway, here's the rundown:
Fairy Wands!  These were super easy and made a really cute centerpiece in a vase.  I bought these 3/$1 at the Dollar Tree and then put some glitter glue on them and used a thumb-tack in the tops to attatch a few pieces of randomly cut ribbon.  These were a big hit and I would definitely do them again!

Makeup!  All of the girls got fairy makeup in their color of choice and then topped off with a heavy dose of glitter.  Electric Blue was my most requested color, which was surprising.  I was ready to put pink on 7 girls!  Oh, and of course, all the girls got wings.  I managed to find these at a fantastic price, $1.50/pair at

We started out coloring pictures of fairies; this was a great activity because not everyone arrived at the same time.  I set the talbe and the side table using some vintage sheets and tablecloths from my collection.  You can't see it terribly well, but in the center of the talbe is a birdcage that I decorated with some fabric flowers and then placed a fairy figurine inside with some glitter.  The girls LOVED that!

We played a game next;  Pin the Wings on the fairy.  It was a lot of fun and the girls certainly giggled a lot.  I just drew the back of a fairy on a piece of posterboard and then cut out a pair of fairy wings and put some tape on the back.  Super easy!  Nobody even cared that my fairy was lopsided and ill proportioned ;)

Next it was bubble time.  Best $1 I've ever spent.  Seriously.  We also painted flower sun catchers, but I didn't get any good pictures of that.  I found a package of 12 at Michael's for $4 and used my 40% off coupon.  It was a bit messy, so be sure you have a plastic tablecloth that you can just throw away, but it was lots of fun.

Time for cupcakes and icecream!  Nothing complicated here either.  I had some sprinkles on hand and some pink glitter-gel.  I found a template for cupcake wrappers and traced some pink and lavendar scrapbook paper I had on hand.  They were cute and definitely not perfect!

We brought out the Birthday Girl's cupcake on a silver candle holder I had.  She thought that was really cool! 

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So sparkly! Really cute Macy!