Friday, February 11, 2011

I hate titling posts

I have plans to blog at least weekly.  Really, I do; but life happens!  Not like a really glamorous and exotic life.  More like kids get sick, supper has to be made, the house needs cleaned and a few errands to run.  Regardless of the fact that things aren't glamorous in these parts- they are exciting!  Last week we got a ton of snow and Brent worked from home a couple of days.  The snow was so deep in some spots that it required two passes of the snow blower.  We're so thankful to have that!

Sophie got her ears pierced.  She loves them and is pretty good about letting me clean her ears.

A few friends came over this week to make some Valentine's Day decorations. It was great to get together, especially since we got snowed out last week. It was a bit of a mess for a little bit, but was refreshing to be with friends :)

I finally figured out why Nathan calls horses, cows.  I thought he just wasn't gettting it.  As it turns out, he's calling them cowboys.  Cute stuff.  Oh, and he's gotten CRAZY about wearing shoes or boots all the time.  Well, putting them on, taking them off and chasing me down to put them back on again, but you get the idea.  Obviously, pants are optional.

We just found out about fainting goats.  They're really, and really funny.  For a good laugh, check out this video:

Vivian got kissed by a boy- and she didn't like it!!!  She actually got pretty mad about the whole thing and told me it was "DEE-SGUSTING!!!!!"  Agreed ;)


Amy Jo Madsen said...

LOVE those love blocks! What did you use for the letters? And also, what did you use the peanut butter for? ;)

Macy said...

I used cardstock that I cut with my Cricut. And, the PB . . .not really sure. I think it just got in with all the stuff after we made pb&j's for the kids. LOL, didn't even notice it in the picture!