Monday, June 20, 2011

Like pulling teeth . . .

Okay, I know I go way to long between postings- but I've been busy peeps! Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to:
Took Viv and Sophie to a Tin Caps game for Isaac's B-day.  It was Star Wars night, hence the hair and outfits.  The fireworks afterwards were great!
Mom's friend Debbie bought this large floral print at MOOD (I swoon) to use as a tablecloth.  Sadly, her table is a bit larger, so she needed a border added on.  It was a great learning experience for me.  I learned to properly miter corners on a border and do great mitered corners on the hem edge.  This came in especially useful when I made the 8 matching napkins (tutorial on my next post I think!)
Another little bit for Debbie.  She picked up this great Batik in the Carribean, so I bought some green and red florals to finish it out and cover some pillows too!
The family keeps me busy!
Viv's first piano recital- she did such a good job!
Sophie busted her lip open at the Burger King playland.  She was a trooper and only cried for about 30 seconds before she was ready to go play again.  Unfortunately we had to leave to get her some stitches! 
Family Dinner.  Viv set and decorated the table.  She said it was a restaurant.  She's so cute like that! 
Viv's missing an extra tooth on top because her mommy has butterfingers.  I dropped a can of mousse out of the bathroom cupboard and it fell right on her front tooth.  Luckily Ryan drove into his office and Brent met him there and he pulled the tooth.  Crazy times! 
Sophie's stitches healing nicely.  She's thinking about giving that frog a kiss! 
Nathan is NOT thinking about kissing the frog! 
I think she's gonna do it!
Brent is a real softie and brought this kitten home that he found wandering on the side of the highway.  Its very cute and is named Sprinkles, but it needs a different home.  Me and animals don't mix!

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Aim Aug said...

OH that pic of Sophie's lip gives me the willies! The kitten is really cute...too bad they turn into cats. So glad you posted, we miss seeing you guys!