Sunday, February 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, it's been a busy time for me. I've finally gotten out of my post-holiday madness "funk" and got the sewing machine out to make some new curtains and pillows for my FABULOUS new family room. After about 18 months it is finally a room and I am so happy!!

I also finally made it back over to Nancy J's after some minor car troubles that included no heat in the van and too much heat on the engine. Here are some of the goodies from that trip, aren't they so yummy???? Plus a couple of them were on sale which is even better!

This week I also made some noodles for the second time; they were better than the time before and so easy to make. I had no idea that you could make noodles and use them the same day, so now there is no going back to noodles from the store. Don't they look great drying on the newspaper? I had a roast and some potatoes and we had the best beef and noodles for supper the other night. It was a very cold day, and these were just perfect.

I've also finally got some things in my Etsy shop, and this week will start the madness all over again. I've got to cut out two quilts so that I can sew them up before the end of the month (2 cousins have babies on the way!), then I have to get things around for the MULTITUDE of swaps I have signed up for. Do you know about swapping??? It's so addictive . . .possibly even better than Ebay, and that's saying a lot since Ebay is basically internet heroin.

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Chad Warner said...

Your link to etsy is incorrect. You have it as It should be