Friday, February 29, 2008

Another day

Well, I got my quilt top cut out and that means today I will sew it up. Hopefully I can get a pic up before the day is over. So, here is my LONG list of songs that really remind me of the 90's, I've got to get it pared down though:

Ordinary World- Duran Duran: This song just IS middle school, which happened in the 90's

Lovefool- The Cardigans

Crazy- Aerosmith: another middle school song . . .it actually makes me think of riding the bus.

Head Over Feet- Alanis Morrisette

Underground- Ben Folds Five

Good- Better than Ezra

December- Collective Soul

Shine- Collective Soul

Too Much- DMB

Stay- Lisa Loeb: Have you honestly heard a better song????

I Alone- Live

Where It's At- Beck

No Rain- Blind Melon: It would not be a 90's cd without this song. The bee costume!

Chemicals Between Us- Bush: I don't know how much I really love this song, but in the 90's I really did love Gavin Rossdale that much.

6th Ave. Heartache- The Wallflowers

Closing Time- Semisonic

6 Underground- Sneaker Pimps

Black Hole Sun- Soundgarden: This song really introduced me to a different sound.

Walk on the Ocean- Toad the Wet Sprocket: I can't tell you how many times I heard this my freshmen year at college.

Mary Janes Last Dance- Tom Petty: Another school bus classic

Undone- Weezer: it was a tough choice between this and Buddy Holly

What's the Frequency Kenneth- REM

Everybody Hurts- REM

Zombie- The Cranberries

Gangsta's Paradise- Coolio: I remember my sister and I recreated in photo's the lyric "You and your homie's might be lying in chalk" on our driveway. I'm sure the neighbors thought we were cracked out. I wish I could find that picture . . .

Always Be My Baby- Mariah Carey: this is the ONLY Mariah Carey song I can still listen to.

This Is How We Do It- Montel Jordan: LOVE ITTTT

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