Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do Blondes have more fun?

Well, I got the itch to drastically change my hair, and this is the result. . .like my "myspace face"? After 4 rounds of bleach spread out over 2 days and numerous trial and error involving toners, I am blonde. Luckily, I didn't upload the pics of the in-between stuff. It will suffice to say that I had orange and yellow hair. It's not a pleasant look. In other news, I am almost finished with my second quilt, although I am on hold for at least a day to finish it. I just busted a needle on my machine and I can't find the new package of replacement needles. I think Vivian might have something to do with that. The girls are doing well, Sophie is crawling all over the place and she's just so happy and cute! Smiling all the time and sleeping wonderfully. Vivian is of course, cute and TROUBLE! But mostly cute. She sings all of the songs from her Disney movies, but probably the funniest is when she walks around the house singing "Savages! Savages!" from Pocahontas. It's quite comical.

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MiCheLLe HeidEmaN said...

you look great.. ginny said seh saw you recently.. how is everything? we should all try gettin together for a big hair show or something..any excuse to see everyone