Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, I did get my quilt top finished before my trip to Vegas. I still have to back, quilt and bind, but that can be finished in a matter of days, which is a good thing considering I only have a matter of days and another quilt to finish in that time. When I finish this quilt, it will be #7 since May '07. I think that officially makes me a quilt maker, instead of someone who has made quilts. I'll be making at least 3 more in the months to come, which I am excited about. They're wonderful to make as gifts for new babies and brides! Speaking of which, the trip to Vegas was to help my little sister find a wedding dress. You can see it here. She got the matching veil too. The picture looks not as good as it did on her. People who are 5'11 and a size 6 though look better in everything!

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