Thursday, September 18, 2008

I told you it was Autumn!

Well, it is official: fall is here. I got out a few of the decorations and I'm getting rid of the rest, because they don't feel like "me" anymore. This will require getting some new ones (sad, I know!) and making some new ones, which I have a few pictures of. I put a flower garland on the dining room light and am really loving the way it looks, and I've assembled a few garlands. I have another one with glittery letters that spell "spooky", but I was an idiot and assembled it with the ribbon in the middle, instead of the top, so the letters all flop over, which means I have to rip it apart and re-glue it here one of these days. I even got some mums out on the porch and I'm pretty sure I'll be raking leaves next week. Have I mentioned that I LOVE this time of year?! I'm making some pumpkin bars this weekend, and if everything goes as planned, some apple dumplings too! Oh, and I'm going to the Johnny Appleseed Festival, which I'm so excited about and the Fall Fest is going on here in town this weekend, so hopefully there will be lots of good pictures . . . and food!!!


hoosiercarlene said...

This is whit-Lucky!'s 87 here...and nothing has changed...I have noticed a few trees turning brown..but nothing pretty! I made your soup it turned out great! Love ya

Lykins Zoo Keeper said...

Your decorations look great. I love the flower garden on your dinning room light, way cute and so imaginative...I may have to try it.