Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bad with the Follow-Through

You know how in basketball, when you make (or try to make) a shot, if you don't have a good follow-thru it doesn't ever seem to go in.  That's me.  I have no follow through.  Seriously, TONS of stuff that I don't finish or procrastinate on, and sadly, my little piece of blog-land is one of them.  So, here's the quick run-down:

I did a coule of craft shows this fall- one was a total bust and the other was not so bad.  While I was at one I met a girl named Lois who sells for Thirty-One, and I was hooked.  The stuff was SO cute!  I've done a few shows, made a little extra cash, and its fun and easy for me.  I'm still sewing, but this replaces my sewing "job" (aka, supplying the etsy shop and craft fairs), which means I'm back to sewing for fun.  Yay!  I havent's wanted to look at my sewing machine for weeks, but now I'm itching to start some Christmas projects :)

The other big news at the house was that Sophie was hit by a car a few weeks ago.  We are VERY blessed and extremeley lucky that nothing too serious happened.  Sophie ran into the street when we were visiting my cousin and was hit.  It was very scary, the EMS came, we went to the hospital.  Her chin was split wide open and it appeared that her jaw was broken.  The EMT was about 90% sure that was the case.  Brent was waiting for us at the ambulance bay and noticed right away that there was something "off" with her mouth.  LOTS, and lots of prayers were said in those first few minutes for our little girl and I know they helped heal her.  After she went for her CT scan, when she came back, her jaw looked back to normal.  She had no broken bones, no internal bleeding, her jaw was fine, and not even a concussion, which is a miracle considering she had tire tread on her face.  She ended up with some stitches in her chin and her neck.  We did an overnight stay at the hospital to be observed and got to come home the next day.  What a miracle!  The only thing now, is that her lower lip isn't moving correctly.  We're very hopeful that it will heal on its own, but for now I'm happy to see her crooked smile!  Sophie won't even walk to the car now without holding my hand.  I'm sad she had to learn that lesson this way, but grateful that it seems to be sticking with her so that we won't EVER have to do that again.


Sascha said...

I am too a self proclaimed procrastinator. I have learned to embrace this deficiency. Oh the awful scary that car accident must have been. You are blessed. It may be strange but in our family we look at it like this... now you've gotten your awful "big" thing out of the way. It's done. It's happened. Our awful big thing happened and now it's an awful story to tell.

staceyk said...

That poor baby girl. I just love her so much!

Mandy said...

i got nervous just reading about it. how scary for you. i a glad everything worked out and she is fine.